Marta’s Dream

Marta’s Dream

The performance is spiced with shadow and projection

Marta is made of shadow. She is small because she can not sleep. Her creative and playful spirit does not give her peace. Instead of going to sleep, she runs away into her world of imagination where everything is just right and where people and things around her are always ready to play.

Photo by A. Miškov

Imagination eater, the guardian of imagination, forbids her entry because Marta has to face the act of growing up. In the trap, Marta is searching for sleep.

But a friend approaches her and helps her overcome obstacles and comes to her sleep.

Duration of the show: 38 min

The author of the play: Sanela Milošević

Puppet design and projection: Aleksandra Stanojev

Voice of the narrator: Igor Greksa

Animation: Sanela Milošević

Sound Assembly: Aleksandar Marković

Co-production of Jovan Jovanović Zmaj Children’s Games and Nadatheater. Performed within the festival of Jovan Jovanović Zmaj Children’s Games in Novi Sad, Youth Theater, International Puppet Festival Kotor, Merlin Theater Romania…