Image and Mime

Image and Mime

Authors Sanela Milošević and Igor Greksa, inspired by pantomime.

Image and Mime

The winning performance at FEP in Bačka Palanka, 2017.

Award for the actress of the festival at the FEDU, Sarajevo, 2018. “Mašta i Mim” participated in several festivals in our country and abroad until 2019:

Javorwood Festival, Bjelašnica, Sarajevo, Bitola-Macedonia, Monodrama Festival and Pantomime-Zemun, Fep-Backa Palanka, Kolasin-Montenegro, Puppets Occupy Street– Craiova, Romania.

It’s played over 200 times and hopefully at least so much.

Photo by A.Miškov

                    Pantomime is an integral part of the theater expression that is rarely used in the theater for children. For this reason, we took the mime for a theater and set up a series of events that every child can follow regardless of the language in which he speaks. Our mission is that the child uses his intuition, imagination, logical thinking to follow and comprehend a series of events that take place before him. An interactive game is where an imaginary object or props comes into contact with the audience and where they need to act and make sense of the continuation of the game given by the actors. We play everyday situations where children recognize themselves and adults. For us, non-verbal theater is a powerful means of learning, developing refinement and, above all, developing creativity.

The duration of the performance is 35-40 minutes.