Small Big Guignol

Small Big Guignol

a puppet-music treat for children

               Photo by K. Papišta

                    A performance for children age two and above!

Without text, with lots of music, various puppets and animations, we present the world of the most famous theater doll – Guignol.

Guignol is a doll that we hold on our hand. We all once played with her, whether spontaneously or accidentally. It is used in educational work with children as the most common type of doll.

The performance was made as a collage. It is a web of events and images, as well as one of the important segments of performance – music.

We especially composed music for this occasion to point out that the doll and puppetry in general, closely related to music, sound and musical accent. The show adorns movement-animation and sound-music.

Photos by K. Papišta

The duration of the performance is 30 minutes

Playing: Sanela Milosevic – the main animator

              Kornel Papista-assistant animator

The author of the play: Sanela Milošević

Sound Design: Kornel Papista

Photos by K. Papišta